1. I Like

Andrew Neil and Code Purple have come together to create a captivating and infectious tune under the name "I Like." Fusing elements of pop, rock, and electronic music, this track stands out with its catchy melody and energetic vibes.

From the very beginning, the song grabs your attention with its pulsating beats and dynamic instrumentation. The production is slick and polished, showcasing the musicians' attention to detail. The blend of electronic and live instruments creates a rich sound that keeps the listener engaged throughout. Andrew Neil's vocals are a highlight of the track. His voice carries a blend of power and vulnerability, effortlessly expressing the emotions conveyed in the lyrics, while the chorus bursts into a contagious hook that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head. Lyrically, "I Like" captures the essence of falling head over heels for someone. It paints a vivid picture of the rush and excitement that accompanies newfound affection.

The band's instrumental prowess adds depth and texture to the song, enhancing the overall listening experience. The guitar riffs and synth-driven melodies create an infectious groove that will make you want to dance along.